News 2021/2020 best bits

Lion King WEst End Show

Tia F

Tia has achieved her dream of playing Young Nala in the Lion King - here she is on her first night taking a bow - amazing!

Tia F Lion King

Leopoldstadt West End Stage Show

Amelie K

Amelie K had such an amazing time on stage in this recent run. She made lots of new friends and this was her stage debut! Well done!

I Used to be Famous

Edward H

Edward H was excited to have his own trailer for his role of Ted in feature film I used to be Famous!

Edward as ted
Romy VO

Winter of the White Bear Animation

Romy H

Romy has recorded the role of Yuki for an exciting new animation - here she is in the booth ready to record!

Nickelodeon ADR

Darcie H

Darcie is seen here recording some ADR for her Nickelodeon tv show we are excitedly waiting to see!

Darcie ADR Paws
Harry Potter prequel Web Series

Mini Marauders Mini Webseries

Hudson T

Hudson T has been filming the role of James in a web series - click on the button to see a preview.


Estacia MM

Estacia loved every minute of her first ever filming on an advert for ASDA - we can't wait to see the finished advert - here she is on set!

Asda BTS


Mia S

Spotted - our lovely Mia S on a billboard for Stoptober!

Blues Clues

Asia F

Asia F has been turned into a cartoon character in a tv show called Blues Clues - we love her like this!

Asia Blues clues
Pandora Christmas

Pandora Christmas Stills

Tia and Asia F

Sisters Tia and Asia F in stills following their advert - we think they look gorgeous - look out for them on social media and in store

Transport for London Stills

Chris S

Chris plays the cabbie in this group shot for Transport for London - look out for him on billboards and posters.

TFL Stills

Transport for London Stills

Chris S

Chris plays the cabbie in this group shot for Transport for London - look out for him on billboards and posters.

TFL Stills

The Tragedy of Macbeth

Myles G

Super proud of our Myles G who was awarded best young performer as one of the McDuff kids in the recent run of Macbeth at the Almeida. Myles acted alongside Saoirse Ronan and James McArdle.

Major TV series filmed overseas

Asia F

Asia and her dad have recently spent 3 weeks overseas filming her role for season 2 of a well known tv series. We have loved her BTS photos including this one in her cast chair and we can't wait to share more when we are allowed!

Asia on set wheel of time
Leila T

Feature Film Role

Leila T

Leila T has also recently filmed a lovely fun role in a feature film - despite the rain she had a lovely time filming and again we can't wait to see it and share more.


Jahmai J

Teen Jahmia J filmed an important role in a NSPCC campaign about online Abuse - the NSPCC says "1 in 5 internet users in the UK are children. And we’re doing everything we can to make sure they can go online safely."

Jahmia V NSPCC
Leila for Casualty BTS

BBC Casualty

Leila T

Leila T has filmed her guest role on BBC Casualty recently - a very demanding role for one so young but we know she will have done a brilliant job.  Here she is in her trailer BTS More details when we know the release date - huge well done!

BBC Showtrials

Mark F

Look out for adult Mark F in this new BBC drama Showtrials currently showing on BBC on Sunday evenings or on the BBC iplayer. Watch the trailer below.

Mark 66
The Larkins BTS

The Larkins TV Series

Holly T

Adult Holly T has filmed as a teen for the TV series The Larkins - here is a BTS shot of her on the Green Room Bus! Look out for her in the series on ITV on Sundays or on the ITV Hub.

Kids Kreations Tiny Treasure TVC

Idris and Lani E

Best friends Idris and Lani has such a fun time filming this advert and the whole team loved their energy and enthusiasm - more please!

Tiny Treausres TVC
That's Magic TVC

HP That's Magic TVC

Ethan M and Lucie W

Ethan and Lucie smashed this advert and had so much fun doing it - how on earth did they do these magical tricks? Mind blown!

Marble Rush Vtech tvc

Lucie and Leo W

Lucie and brother Leo had an amazing fun time filming this advert.  We love the colours and both kids did a fantastic job! Well Done! Watch it below.

Marble Rush

Vtech Toot Toot Friends 2-1 Dinousaur Park tvc

India F and Austin L

India and Austin had a brilliant time filming this advert - have a watch - we think they look super cute and did a fantastic job.

Nintendo Switch TVC

Leo W

Leo, seen here in the middle, had an amazing few days in Hungary filming this dance themed advert for Nintendo.  We think for his first ever shoot he did amazing!

Mobile 3

Three Mobile : Life Needs a Big Network - TVC

Stanley H

Teen Stanley, seen here on the left, had 3 great days filming by the beach for this new mobile advert.


Chris S

Chris stars in a new advert for LNER - watch out for him on screen and also in print - another great job Chris!

Chris Lner

O2 'It's Good to Be Back' TVC

Maisie W

Spot our adult Maisie dying her  hair blue in this advert for O2 - great job!

Co Op 'Recycle' TVC

Saskia B

Saskia appears in the garden having a water fight as the old man passes by on his way to visit his local Co Op to recycle his soft plastics like bread bags and crisp packets.  She had lots of fun and was excited to see herself on TV.

Saskia Co Op

McDonalds 'My House Rules' TVC

Sam and Autumn G

Siblings Sam and Autumn G star in this lovely advert for McDonalds and appear in the knife and fork scene - both had a great time filming!

Axa Insurance TVC

Rhea C

Our lovely Rhea spent several days filming this advert - you can spot her in the first 25 seconds - great work Rhea!

Rhea Axa
Idris and Lani BTS VTECH

Kids Kreations Tvc

Idris and Lani

Behind the scenes on set for a Tiny Treasures TVC and having so much fun!

Break The Record TV SEries

Mia S

Mia spent several weeks filming for a new show called Break the Record where kids tried to break some Guinness World Records - you'll have to watch the episodes to see if Mia managed to achieve any!

Mia Break the Record
Ethan and Lucie BTS Magic TVC

Thats Magic HP Toys

Ethan M and Lucie W

Behind the scenes on set for a new Magical TVC our lovely kids - enjoy.

Vtech Toys Tvcs

Lucie and Leo W

Booked as lead roles in a Vtech tvc as siblings for Marble Run tvc!  Well done!

Vtech marble run
Asia Nick


Asia F

Behind the scenes on set for Nickelodeon's Junior Adventure - lunchtime! Asia and mum loved being on this one! Well Done!

Feature Film Pirates

Chris S

BTS at the cast and crew screening of feature film Pirates. Chris is seen here with the director Reggie Yates.  Chris plays the character of Jim.

Vtech India and Austin

Vtech Toys Tvcs

India F and Austin L

Booked as lead roles in a Vtech tvc for a Toots Dinosuar TVC!  Well done!


Christos L

Christos had an amazing fun day filming for Nick JR and we can't wait to see him on the show - here he is enjoying a well earnt ice lolly in between takes.

Nick Jr
Vtech Lottie Lucie and Myles

Vtech Toys Tvcs

Lottie L, Lucie W and Myles G

Booked as lead roles in a Vtech tvc for a Kids Kreation TVC!  Well done!

Vtech Toys Tvcs

Toby W and Mya T

Booked as lead roles in a Vtech tvc as DJs for a DJ mix toy - well done!

Vtech dj mix
Carousel RP 2021

Carousel at Regent's Park Confirmation

So excited for one of our young girls who after several rounds of auditions has been confirmed for a role in this Regent's Park Show - more details to follow when allowed!

Untitled Sequel Feature Film

Holly L

Holly L is having an amazing time filming with a legend of an A lister for a well known film sequel - we will say more when allowed - but well done Holly enjoy !

Holly jpeg

Drifters Confirmation

So excited for one of our young girls who after several rounds of auditions has been confirmed for a role in this West End Show - more details to follow when allowed!

National Train Brand TVC

Nya J and Asia F

Cousins Nya and Asia spent a lovely day as back ups for this train brand tvc - they were excited to be picked up in a car and spent the day on a train.

Nyla Jeremie
Asia F

Joesph Confirmation

So excited for one of our young girls who after several rounds of auditions has been confirmed for a role in this West End Show - more details to follow when allowed!

3 mobile phone tvc

Stanley H

Teen Stanley spent 3 days filming a small role in a full scale production and loved it - we can't wait to see the finished advert.

Stanley Halsey 2021
Oak Tree

Radio 4 drama Oak Tree Close

Rui G

Rui was chosen from several hundred boys to voice this drama for radio 4 - great job Rui!

Rui G

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Voice over

Chloe W

Chloe spent several days voicing this wonderful advert for both tv and radio - super well done!

Holly jpeg

Feature film confirmation

Holly L

Super excited for our Holly L confirmed for a really exciting role in a major Blockbuster film - can't wait to share this when allowed but huge well done Holly!

Walkers Crisps TVC

Blake SG

Blake plays the adorable son in this delightful new Walker's crisp advert - he had so much fun playing this role as you can imagine! Well done Blake!

Blake SG Walkers
Mark 66

TV series filming

Mark F

Mark has filmed alongside the leading cast for an exciting gripping new BBC drama.  More details to follow when allowed.

Robinson TVC VO

Chloe W

Chloe W has been busy voice recording a new TVC for Robinsons - we can't wait to hear this one! Well done!

Chloe 2021
Jahmai 2021


Jahmai J

This is Jahmai's first filming role and he smashed it - great job!

Legoland TVC

Leo W

This was Leo's first shoot and what a fun one - filming a new advert for Legoland and sounds like had had lots of fun! Looking forward to seeing it!

Leo Legoland headshot close up
Tia at Hall

Anglian Water TVC

Tia F

Tia, seen here at Holkham Hall Norfolk, spent two fantastic days filming the lead role in an advert for Anglian Water!

Brave Bunnies

Aeson K

Aeson plays the voice of Dwayne the Moose in Brave Bunnies which is an animated entertaining and educational 2D series for preschool kids (52 episodes, 7 minutes each). The main idea of the series is to show kids the diversity of the world .. Fab job Aeson!

Brave Bunnies aeson
Henry and Rag n Bone man

Rag n Bone Man All You Ever wanted Music video

Henry K and Amaya C

Henry, seen here in a photo with Rag n Bone man, as part of the ensemble, and also our Amaya C, as the hopscotch girl, had a great time filming for this brilliant new music video.

Walkers Crisps TVC

Blake SG

Blake had a fantastic day filming in a playpark for the leading kid role in a new Walkers Crisps TVC.  His Aunty and dad also had fun filming as extras! Great job!

Blake oct 2019

The World's Most Evil Killers

Kianna G

Teen Kianna plays the victim in this episode by Jerome Brudos - on the Sky Crime Channel

Brave Bunnies

Sophie and Alex B

Sophie and Alex B and VI Director @EthanJGreene
were interviewed by @DazHaleWM
@BBCRadioWM for their work on Virtual Insanity.  This was the kids first radio interview and they had a great time!

Luke WW Vtech

Switch & Go Dinos Overseer T-Rex VTech TVC

Luke WW

This was Luke's first shoot and mum says he loved every second of filming.  We love this!

Autopsy Tv Show about Walt Disney

Ethan M

This was a great job for our Ethan M who spent a few days filming as young Walt Disney.  The show is currently airing in America. Well done Ethan!

Ethan M Autopsy
Fay Secret garden

Secret Garden feature Film

Fay B

This is a brilliant article about our teen Fay B who spent a lovely summer filming as the main body double for the hero role of Mary. Amazing job!

Click below to read the whole story

Samsung TVC

Mum Georgia and kids Erini and Christos L

Well done to Georgia and Eirini who smashed the script given to them on the day and to Christos whose first casting this was and got the role! You look amazing guys!

Samsung 1

Ricky Zoom TV series

Aeson K

Our clever Aeson K's second voice over series - Aeson voices a new character in this show - coming soon...

BAFTA Presenting

Gracie G

In February 2019 Gracie was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumour, but that didn’t get in her way as she won the BAFTA young presenter competition and went on to interview celebrities on the red carpet and present a BAFTA award on stage with Stacey Solomon. Super proud of you Gracie!

Gracie BAFTA
Les Mis concert

Les Mis Concert

Tia F

After a rigorous auditioning process, Tia was chosen to appear in this 2020/2021 Les Mis Concert.  Unfortunately with Covid 19 the production is currently in hiatus but we are so pleased Tia at least had a chance to have her starring moment.


Chris Streeks and Monika Mulholland

Chris was asked back for a second LNER campaign and Monika joined him for one day's filming. Looking forward to seeing the final campaign.

Chris and M
Bela BTS Prague mu

'When you got to nap' Lego TVC

Bela R

Bela and her mum had a wonderful week filming in Prague for Lego.

Sports direct tvc

Harry Henty

Harry features throughout this Sports Direct tvc

Harry Henty (1)
Mia&Vivi Streeks2

Suntrust TVC

Mia and Vivian S

The girls filmed a beautiful advert for Suntrust, Mia teaching Vivian to play the piano.

Samsung TVC

Eirini, Christos and mum Georgia L

Just before Christmas our lovely Louska family filmed a Samsung tvc - this photo is them behind the scenes and we can't wait to see the final advert.

Louska Samsung
Rhea C Frozen tvc and stills

Frozen TVC

Rhea C

This was Rhea's first shoot and she spent 3 days filming for Disney with Abbey Clancy at Shepperton Studios - we think she did an amazing job.

The Fantastic Flitcrofts (2021)

Tommy F

Tommy's first audition and he bags the role playing a younger version of Mark Rylance - the lead in this film - super well done Tommy!  We can't wait to see it.

Tommy F
Sarah Hendry cursed

Cursed Netflix Series

Sarah Hendry

Sarah plays a fay villager across the series and got to film dialogue with leading actors including Katherine Langford.

Avenue 5 Series

Mark Lawson

Mark plays Hawk alongside Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad.  The series is set in space and is a comedy sci-fi.

Mark Lawson
Cake box Kent

Cake Box Internet

Tony, Claire, Chloe, Livi and Amelie K

The Kent family had a fun time filming this internet advert and got to eat plenty of cake - fab!

Video Game voice over

Hannah O

Hannah has been busy voicing a video game in her native US accent - great job Hannah!

Hannah VO
Brandon & Evan with Charles 01

The Crown Season 4

Brandon and Evan W

Brandon and Evan play the Knatchbull twins in episode one, here they are pictured with Charles Dance who they said was friendly and amazing to work with.  The twins both throughly enjoyed filming and also did some ADR work on this - well done both - so proud!

Tesco 'There's No Naughty List' TVC

Tia and Asia F

Tia and Asia play sisters at the start of the advert where Tia has given her sister a bad hairdo - we had amazing feedback from the team saying how professional and delightful the girls were.

Tesco T A
Out of her mind SP

Out of Her mind BBC

Mia S

Mia plays Maria across the series of this comedy starring alongside Sara Pascoe and Juliet Stevenson.  This was Mia's first professional tv show and we are certain there will be many more for this talented girl.

Britannical Clothing Shoot

Livi K

How fantastic does Livi look in this coat modelling for Britannical.

Britannical Livi
Amelie Britannia

Britannical Clothing Shoot

Amelie K

Amelie looks gorgeous in this coat modelling for Britannical.

Beau kids Clothing Shoot

Darcie H

Darcie looks super cute and gorgeous in this outfit for Beau kids!

Connor Stallion

Stallion short film

Connor Riley

Connor looks great in this film still taken from the set of Stallion.

Border Control Shoot

Over 20 adults

Hashtag provided over 20 adults for a 2 week shoot for a Border Force video filmed in Southampton and Portsmouth.


Maximus short film

Cailean G

Cailean plays the title role in this short film, he got to do many stunts - here is a behind the scenes photo of him as his character.

Maximus short film

Maisie P

Maisie plays a little call called India in this short film who is the little sister of the lead and who tells the story...

Maisie. prendergast jpg

Kite clothing

Charlie M

How cute is our Charlie on this promo poster for Kite's Winter Range!

Bargain Hunt

Becky P

Becky and her partner Rohan had an amazing couple of days filming for BBC Bargain Hunt and they won...£5!!

Bargain Hunt
Barn 1


Luke D

Luke had a few days on this campaign about teens leaving home. Great job!

BBC Promo

Georgina U

Georgina with the glasses had a wonderful fun day filming for this BBC promo

BBC promo
Lottie persil
Blake persil

Persil TVC

Lottie L and Blake SG

Lottie and Blake had a great time filming this Persil advert, getting muddy and mucky was in order and both look great on the screen.  Great job!

Toppy Short film

Sophie B

Sophie plays the title role in this short film which has won several awards.

Sophie B Toppy

The Visit - or the old Lady comes to call

Siahra ad Tey Tey E

siahrateyteyargos (2)

Siahra and Tey Tey play tumblers in this stage play with Lesley Manville and Hugo Weaving starring in the lead roles performed at the National in London. Well done girls!

Lawrence: After Arabia 2021

Mark Freestone

Mark plays Ernest Catchpole in this feature film which follows the last 10 years of Lawrence's life.  Mark won a best supporting actor at the Las Vegas Movie awards for his supporting role.

Alex Cbeebies app


Alex BH

Alex had a great time filming with Roman Kemp and Gemma Atkinson for a new creative app

Beau kids Clothing Shoot

Mia C

How beautiful is Mia in this dress!

Beau Kids 2020

Beau kids Clothing Shoot

Olivia lee S

Olivia had loads of stills taken for one of our exclusive clothing clients - she looks gorgeous in these outfits!

Olivia beau K
Screenshot_20200206-220621_Gallery (2)

Beau kids Clothing Shoot

Oliver O

Oliver looks rather splendid in this cute dungaree set!

Oliver Beau Kids
Cian and Perola (2)


Perola DC and Cian EC

Perola and Cian feature in this short film which has won this prestige digital film award - well done girls!